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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dj Darkat pick of the week

Kazuko Shiraishi featuring Sam Rivers
Music Works 3001
Sam Rivers -saxaphone, flute, piano and percussion
Andrei Strobert - percussion
Buster Williams - Bass
Abdul Wadud - Cello

Liner notes:
KAZUKO SHIRAISHI is a cult figure to the young people of Japan, Her haunting, lyrical creations, read to the backgrounds of jazz in Tokyo's Shinjuku nighclub district, established her as "Shinjuku's Queen of Poets."
Hers is the most outstanding voice of her generation in Japan and elsewhere in the world. In the U.S., Kazuko has worked very closely with Kenneth Rexroth, whom she considers the godfather of poetry reading with jazz.
Kazuko has been awarded Japan's top cultural prize for poetry and has been in the forfront of cultural events in Japan. She has been one of the key forces in Japanese creative writing and has appeared at many cultural seminars in the United Stated and Europe. Her poems continue in the tradition of explicit erotic urgency of famous Japanese poets such as Onomo Komachi and Yosano Akiko.
Kazuko Shiraishi has written more than ten books of poetry, many articles and short stories. Her most recent work, issued by New Directions, is "Seasons of Sacred Lust: The Selected Poems of Kazuko Shiraishi.""
On this recording Kazuko is accompanied by a select group of musicians, including Abdul Wadud, Buster Williams, Andrei Strobert and featuring SAM RIVERS about whom Robert Palmer wrote in Rolling Stone: "It seems indisputable that he will go down in history as one of the great jazzmen of the sixties and seventies, but he is already looking ahead."

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