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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DC FInds and Obsolete Technology Noise with Books and Lana Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

  1. Jackie Mittoo - Black out (UA)
  2. Jackie Mitto - Soul Ride (UA)
  3. Gene Pitney - 24 hrs from Tulsa (musicor)
  4. Richard Groove Holmes - do right (Prestige)
  5. Lowell Fulsom - Just one more time (Kent)
  6. Richard Groove Holmes - Ain't that peculiar (Prestige)
  7. Lowell Fulsom -My Aching Back (Kent)
  8. Richard Groove Holmes -Function at the Junction (Prestige)
  9. Sam Cooke - They can't take that away from me (Famous)
  10. Billie Holiday - Don't Explain (Soulmate)
  11. Bill Doggett - C'Mon Git it (Roulette)
  12. Geto Boys - My mind's playing tricks on me (Rap a lot)
  13. George Wheeler, police office - Ufos the credibility factor
  14. Geto Boys - My mind's playing tricks on me (inst) (Rap a lot)
  15.  UFOs the credibility factor
  16. The Kureks - killing me softly (joy/us records)
  17. UFOs the credibility factor
  18. Melty Slug
  19. The Internet
  20. what bears really want
  21. If I told him - a completed portrait of picasso (gertrude stein)
  22. Doing what was wrong
  23. installing software on your computer
  24. National Providers
  25. Lava Flow
  26. Nature show
  27. The Shadow of your smile
  28. Drastic Measures to keep from drowning
  29. king of the road
  30. hard on your flesh / good for your spirit
  31. we came here for purity / the mixture
  32. nagging
  33. Tiare Tahiti - The drums of bora bora

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